Creative Paperclay

Fish of Delight™

Designer - Stacey Morgan, SCD







*Note that colored clay can be made by mixing acrylic paint into white Delight™ or by using colored Delight. (available in stores soon) 


Sand - Roughly flatten a tan ball of clay to form the sand base. Use an old toothbrush and pounce it all over the clay to add texture. Add a little glue to the bottom of a shell and press into the clay before it dries.

Fish - Roll a ball orange clay into a teardrop. Bend the wide end down a little to form the head. Push the rest of the body over to the side. Add a little glue to the bottom and press onto the shell. Use a needle tool to indent the scales.

Face - Each eye is a white teardrop pressed onto the top of his head with a black bead in the center of each.

Use a needle tool to indent the smile.
Add a small red teardrop in the mouth for the tongue. 

Fins - Make two small and two large tear drops from orange-red clay. Attach the two small ones at the top of his body and the two large ones for his tail.

Use a needle tool to indent lines on all four fins.

After the fish has dried, add dark orange chalk to his cheeks and fins.

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