Creative Paperclay

I See the Moon of Delight™

Designer - Stacey Morgan, SCD







*Note that colored clay can be made by mixing acrylic paint into white Delight™ or by using colored Delight. (available in stores soon) 


The moon is made from pastel yellow mix. Form a crescent ‘C’ shape with the middle being much wider than the ends.

Face - Each eye is a white teardrop with a black bead placed in the center of each. The nose is a pastel yellow ball added right under the eyes. Use a needle tool or toothpick to indent the smile. Add a small pink teardrop to the mouth for the tongue.

Let dry overnight.

Cloud - After the moon has dried, take a large portion of white clay, flatten it to approximately ” thick. Use the side of your finger to make grooves in the sides of the white clay. Set it on the table. Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the moon and press it into the white clay. Push the clay in towards the moon, all the way around. Add a few extra balls of white to the cloud for added texture. Allow to dry overnight. Add light pink blush/chalk to the cheeks and nose of the moon. 

Optional - Add very light blue to the cloud where it has creases.

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