Creative Paperclay

Teddy Bear of Delight™

Designer - Stacey Morgan, SCD







*Note that colored clay can be made by mixing acrylic paint into white Delight™ or by using colored Delight. (available in stores soon) 


Body - Form a brown ball into a teardrop.

Legs - Form a long teardrop, flatten the end and bend up to form the foot – make two. Attach to each side of the body. Add a small brown ball to the back for his tail. Break a toothpick in half and insert it into the top of the bear’s body leaving half exposed. 
Arms- Each arm is a long teardrop shape that is flattened slightly. Attach at the top of the body. One arm is bent around to the front, and the other arm is placed behind him, as if he is leaning on it.

Head - Add a dab of glue to the toothpick in the top of his neck. Press a brown egg shape onto the toothpick. Roll two small brown balls, and using the end of a paintbrush, press onto each side of his head. 

Face - Each eye is a white teardrop with a black bead placed in the center of each. The nose is a dark maroon clay ball added right under the eyes. Use a needle tool or toothpick to indent the smile. Add a small pink teardrop to the mouth for the tongue.

Bow - Flatten a ” rope of red clay to make the tails of the bow. Use a pair of scissors to cut the ‘V’ shape at the end of each triangle. The bow is simply made from two triangles. Put a point from each side in the center and press on with the needle tool. Roll a small red ball and place in the center. After he has dried, pink or red blush/chalk can be added to his cheeks.

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